About Us

We focus on providing a good service with business values ​​such as commitment, quality, dedication to service and compliance. Our professionalism and human talent are the best work tools.

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Our Team

Our commitment is with the well-being of our collaborators, the care of the environment, our clients and social growth. We have a consolidated health, safety and environment program that is unique among companies in the sector, which guarantees good operating practices and responsible waste management.

We offer to our clients social responsibility programs, through the Huellas Verdes program that wants to involve people in caring for the environment and the positive social impact of the proper disposal of hazardous waste.

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We are the EXPERTS

Experts in project development and operation of environmental technologies for the treatment of hazardous waste

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We carry out destruction processes for non-compliant or out-of-specification products with strict brand protection protocols

innova ambiental


Experts in classification and management of WEEE. We innovate to optimize the use of electronics and minimize their environmental impact

Our principles

The values of our company are what drive us to continue


We are 100% committed to complying with all legal regulations in health, safety, environmental and social.


We are a dynamic company that understands and adapts to the needs of the client with the common goal of giving the best management of hazardous waste.


We are pioneers in the development of technologies for the decontamination of mercury-containing waste, such as lighting fixtures and mining sludge.


We understand that service is an act of love, that it requires dedication and is needed more in the most difficult moments, that is why our vocation for service is one of our most important pillars.

innova ambiental

Our team

Miguel Osejo Knudson


Funciones: Dirección estratégica y comercial

Sebastian Villa

Director Comercial

Funciones: Dirección comercial, consolidación de clientes, Rutas y recolección de residuos

David Salazar

Ejecutivo Comercial regional Suroccidente

Funciones: Gestión Comercial en los departamentos de Nariño, Putumayo y Caquetá

Tania Marulanda


Funciones: Contabilidad

Alejandra Marín

Directora de Operaciones

Funciones: Operación de planta

Camila Arce

Coordinadora Posconsumo

Funciones: Operación plataforma de registro y certificación de servicios de INNOVA, Servicio al cliente

Miguel Angel Salas

Coordinador HSE

Funciones: Programa de salud, seguridad y ambiente

Darling Sanchez

Asistente Administrativa

Funciones: Facturación, gestión administrativa, tesorería y contabilidad

Johann Montaño

Lider de proyectos

Comprehensive Policy