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Experts in environmental technologies for the treatment of hazardous waste, recovery of contaminated sites and reuse of postconsumer waste. Innovation is our best strategy, knowledge our greatest strength.

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Innovación Ambiental – INNOVA S.A.S E.S.P, is a Colombian company created to cover the needs of hazardous waste management in the industrial sector. We are pioneer in the recovery of environmental liabilities and the reuse of lighting waste, since its creation it has treated more than 8,000 tons of hazardous waste. We offer the market unique solutions for the treatment of highly hazardous waste based on individual needs. We manage waste batteries, batteries, lights and electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) supported by the principles of circular economy.

Our customers

Meet some of the companies and programs that have decided to reach their environmental goals with us:

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Management of post consume waste

We manage all kinds of post-consumer waste in accordance with environmental regulations. Our processes for classifying, disassembling, and using hazardous waste have RUC health, safety, and environment certification that guarantees the quality of our work.

Destruction of surplus and industrial waste

We have equipment for the destruction of raw materials, finished or non-conforming products, guaranteeing the protection of the client's brand and minimizing the costs of final disposal

Hazardous waste treatment

We have 10 years of experience in the treatment of hazardous waste and recovery of environmental liabilities. We are specialists in highly dangerous and difficult-to-handle waste management in security landfills

Investigation and development

Our research contributes to the development of the technical capacities of the country for the treatment of waste with mercury and management of environmental liabilities. The R&D department develops, designs and executes custom treatments for the deactivation of special industrial waste

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