We work to offer customizable services that adapt to the particular needs of the client and comply with current technical and regulatory requirements.

Management of post consume waste

We are strategic allies of your company in the comprehensive management of electronic waste (WEEE), primary batteries, rechargeable batteries and lighting. We have the experience and logistical capacity to help generators meet their collection goals.

RLGA Program

Waste Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment is waste that, due to its content of heavy metals, plastics and halogenated compounds, must be disposed of in a safe way for the environment. This waste has a great potential for use and with the appropriate treatment and compliance with the safety standards can be reincorporated into the production cycle.

INNOVA is a company with the technical capabilities and environmental licenses approved by the environmental authority for the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste from all lines (white, brown, black, etc.), and its incorporation into the appropriate markets.

How to participate?

Taking care of the environment is very easy, take your waste to the INNOVA points located in shopping centers and universities or deliver it to collection campaigns. If your company requires a personalized service, send us an email to


LUMINA Program:

Lighting Post-consumption Program

Lighting waste contains heavy metals and inorganic oxides that are not safe to dispose in conventional landfills. To resolve this situation, lighting post-consumption programs are designed to facilitate compliance with the environmental commitment of lighting producers and marketers.

INNOVA is the national operator of this program with direct attention in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío, Choco, Cauca and Nariño and is the only national operator that manages lamps and light bulbs through use, generating a positive impact for the environment and society.

How to participate?

If you are a natural person and you care about the environment. Deposit the bulbs or lights that have already completed their use life in the containers located in shopping centers and chain stores in your city. Download the APP of the environment ministry REDPOSCONSUMO and know the points closest to you.

If you are a legal entity or institution that produces or generates large amounts of post-consumer waste. Contact us, we will advise and accompany you throughout the entire chain of waste management, declaration, collection, logistics and certification.

Photo Gallery

“Presentación Programa de Recolección Selectiva y Gestión Ambiental de Residuos de Bombillas”



“Presentation Program for Selective Collection and Environmental Management of Light Bulb Waste”

Recopila Program

Innova opera el programa Recopila a través de su empresa hermana ECOTEC, única en el país con la capacidad técnica y para realizar el aprovechamiento de pilas primarias.

Battery waste and batteries are made up of different materials such as oxide, manganese (MnO), zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd) or lithium (Li) and an alkaline electrolyte (KOH or LiOH) which if is improperly disposed must cause serious damage to ecosystems and water sources.

Recopila is a program designed to collect used batteries, take them to a safe place and prevent them from being thrown in the trash or the environment. For this, Recopila relies on the participation and commitment of consumers for the benefit of the environment.

The process is summarized in three steps:

  1. Avoid throwing batteries in the trash.
  2. Deposit them at the collection points or deliver them to INNOVA.
  3. Tell the people what they do with the used batteries.

INNOVA is the operator of the Recopila program at a national level with a collection and classification service for the different types of batteries and the use of materials, the only one in the country with installed technical capacity and to make use of primary batteries

How to participate?

Participating is very easy, collect the used batteries in a plastic container with a lid, collect the waste in a cool and dry place and when it is full we will collect it, thus helping our planet.

Making your own container is very easy. Take a plastic container in good condition, remove all labels and advertising and make your own where the waste is identified and where you show us all your creativity and what you want for our planet.

Treatment and management of industrial waste

We offer small and large companies the industrial waste management service, maximizing the use and guaranteeing the treatment and disposal of hazardous and highly reactive waste.

innova ambiental

Treatment and deactivation of hazardous waste

We have professionals trained in the management and deactivation of hazardous waste. We carry out studies and characterization of highly reactive or difficult-to-dispose waste to offer an effective deactivation treatment and a safe final disposal.

innova ambiental

Destruction of final products and brand protection

We carry out procedures for the destruction and denaturation of finished products and brand protection according to the client’s specifications. We seek the best alternative for waste disposal through reuse, thinking of improving the environmental indicators of our clients.

  • Denaturation of non-compliant product.
  • Destruction of liquor and seized merchandise.
  • Destruction of containers and packaging for brand protection.
  • Use of cosmetic and livestock products.
innova ambiental

Decontamination of environmental liabilities

Our expert work team has more than 10 years of experience in the evaluation and recovery of environmental liabilities. We have our own equipment for the evaluation of contaminated sites such as Mercury Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Volatile Organic Compounds, Radiation Geiger Counter

Waste management

Our processes allow the use of a wide variety of plastic and metallic materials suitable for pelletizing and casting or the direct manufacture of finished products.

Recovery and Utilization of Materials

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), rechargeable batteries and lighting waste are classified and decontaminated to produce a wide variety of materials suitable for reincorporation into the production cycle, including:


  • ABS.
  • PC.
  • PS.
  • PE.
  • HD-PE.


  • Ferrous Scrap
  • Aluminum
  • Cupper
  • Bronze
  • Steel


  • Cable
  • Pre-destroyed electronic components.

Research and development

We are a professional team with more than 25 years of experience in the study and implementation of processes for the use of industrial materials and remediation of environmental liabilities.

Development of research projects

We develop research projects to meet the environmental needs of our clients. We have developed projects with entities such as the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Department of State of the United States and multinational private companies.

Development of new industrial and environmental processes

At INNOVA we develop and implement industrial processes that require the use of hazardous chemical inputs, guaranteeing the highest standards of health and safety at work and environmental compliance. We evaluate and understand the needs of our clients to meet the expectations and proposed goals